Formated Nokia 6600

……. Update baru ni tentang pengalaman saya waktu punya hp nokia 6600 ceritanya gini. Saya beli hp dari temen batangan hp 6600 lumayan murah si eh pas di pake massa saya kan beli plsa 10.000 saya pake nelpon 5.000 berarti tinggal lima ribu kan. Terus saya tinggal hp itu di laci pas pas lihat lagi eh pulsanya tinggal 2.000 kata saya ini hp ada hantu pulsanya…saya biarin dlu terus saya otak- atik handphone nya pas saya lihat abis pulsanya. Langsung aja saya nyari script cara formatnya. Caranya gini nih…

If you face problems like nokia 6600 gallery is not opening, camera is not working, Bluetooth device of mobile is not working, mobile is operating much slowly, u’r celll is infested by viruses like commwarior (we’ve an alternate solution for this )..and many other problems then first RESET your phone so that it’ll get the original factory settings. First format by secret codes here and then if the codes failed go for full hard formatting via keys (step 3). Resetting just solves many problems and if the problem still persists go for other alternatives found in our ‘PROBLEM SOLVER’.


1st step : SOFT RESETTING NOKIA 6600

A Soft-reset is the process of resetting all the settings of the phone to the factory default! No applications are deleted.

Take backups of ur phone books,calender and others, then simply enter the code *#7780#
It will ask for “Restore all phone settings-phone’ll restart….”
Then it asks for security code enter ur security code whose default value is 12345 then the phone is resetted after restart.The phone will be restored to the time when you purchased the phone.Default apps are not deleted.


A Hard-reset is like formatting a memory disk. Itâ formats the phone memory. Everything that has been installed other than default apps at d time of purchase are deleted.The phone’s setting will be restored to the time when you purchased the phone.Default apps are not deleted.

Just enter the code *#7370#
Then it asks for security code enter ur security code whose deafault value is 12345 ….then proceed as in previous step…..

The battery must be full or the charger has to be connected to the phone so that it does not run out of power and make the phone unusable.
Take backup of the contacts and other important data in MMC .



If any of the above methods failed to make your phone formatted then try this step-mainly try this step if the problems are following-blank screen phone unable to boot, phone is only able to boot-up to Nokia screen ,unable to uninstall any installed software, unable to delete certain files on C drive(phone memory).This step is known as flashing of phone. Always do this step at last (after 1st 2 steps are over and u are not successfull) as these problems might be solved by resetting using codes.

To format the (restore factory settings) phone here is a way .

1. Make sure you phone is fully charged. (At minimum 3/4 of bettery should be left)

2. Backup your contacts list and personal files to MMC memory card (if possible).

3. Switch-off your 6600 phone.

4. Press and hold these three keys together -Green dial key,-Star key (*)-Three key (3) then press the power on/off to swtich on the 6600 phone. Do not let go the three keys until you see the formatting screen displayed

5. After a few minutes, the format will be complete. Your 6600 will now be at its original factory settings (It will reach the same state as that in when you purchased it). All inbuilt applications provided by nokia will not be deleted)
Use at your own risk


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