Bakup and restore mysql

I will describe about how to restore and dump databases mysql on linux centos with CLI, is very-very eazy if you want to backup databases from mysql please download software for remote server linux, software for remote server for linux (putty and winSCP) if you want download software putty please klick here and if you want download software winSCF klick here Please remote your linux server with software putty login with user root and your password root linux This is a CLI for backup databases mysql

mysqldump -u root (name databses) > /directory for save databases/namadatabases.sql

And if you want to restore databases to other server please remote server using software winSCF and download databases backup from directory your save databases, save backup databases to laptop or PC and then upload backup databases to other server whatever save to directory linux. Login to other server with putty and then create databases mysql for restore databases backup Move to directory where your save databases backup mysql for example move to other directory

# cd /opt/apps
# ls

For restore databases using CLI

mysql (name databases for restore) < latihan_db.sql

Look databses on mysql and look table databses mysql


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